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Polished Concrete

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is a new wave in flooring which allows for the restoration of existing slabs and the improvement of new slabs that is superior in many ways to all other flooring. Our 8-step process of honing and polishing while utilizing a lithium based densifier and finished with a stain guard, your floor will have a longer lasting and better shine.

Concrete Densifier

A concrete densifier produces a rapid chemical reaction which penetrates and densifies the upper layer of the concrete surface, filling pores, and providing a longer life for both untreated or polished concrete floors. It offers increased abrasion and water resistance, higher surface compressive strength, and reduced dusting. Low cost and low maintenance permanent flooring.

Joint Fillers

The use of joint fillers is to protect control joins in floors. This is most beneficial on industrial floor applications which receive heavy traffic. Joint fillers will help to keep debris out, and prevent the concrete from breaking at the control joint.

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